Friday, December 17, 2010 promised

Here are the last few pictures I was waiting on (I had emailed them to myself and was waiting on their 'arrival')...
Crazy Hat day at School!!! One student asked, "Does someone in your family work for Disney? I'm thinking that's why you have so much Mickey Mouse stuff??" Pretty smart kid, huh!?!
First beer from the tap...a little foamy - we somewhat over carbonated. Hey, it's a work in progress - getting all the kinks out and learning the ropes :)
And...the far. Well, the crib at least!

What in the world have I been up to???

Dear Blogging World, I sincerely apologize for my lack of posts. I know I've been bad lately at updating...there has just been so much going on. Plus, it doesn't help that I'm just tired these days. Let me update you on what been happening in our world...

I turned 29 this year. Came downstairs the morning of my birthday to find these beautiful flowers from Scott sitting on the kitchen island!!! Plus, I got a smartphone for my birthday which has been keeping me busy (unfortunately I haven't figured out how to upload pictures to this site yet - another reason for lack of posts). Went in for a bonus ultrasound at 24 weeks (he was curled in such a tight little ball at 20 weeks that they couldn't get all the measurements necessary so I got to come back!). Mom came with me!!! We got to see him open his mouth and practice swallowing - it was so cool!!!
Plus, I'm getting bigger and's amazing how my body just does this on it's own. All of a sudden - pop - there's a big belly. And I know it will only get bigger. Here I am at 25 weeks (apparently measuring 2 weeks ahead though). Now I'm at 28 weeks (welcome 3rd trimester) and hoping to take some more current photos over the holidays :)

At school we celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday by making these adorable little Oreo Turkey's!!! The kids love them every year and can't wait to finish creating so they can 'gobble' them up!!!!

More recently we've been getting everything ready for Christmas (as of today I only have 2 more things to buy AND I know what they are!!!). Here is our little house all decorated for the holidays!!! Since this picture was taken I've rearranged the sidewalk lights to be in front of the bushes and Santa. Also, Santa's stand broke and we are waiting on Scott to 'rig' it back up!!!

One night I had a burst of energy (and about 20 minutes to spare) with which I created our little 'beer tree'. Many of you know my husband is an up and coming beer brewer!!! Over the past year I've been collecting beer caps off some of the ones he still purchases. The lights kind-of make it hard to see but I hot glued these beer caps all over the little tree. This is now part of our kitchen decorations!!!

Lastly, we've finally tapped our first keg at the house. Scott has installed the taps to one (yes we have 2) of our outdoor refrigerators, brewed the beer and put in kegs, carbonated, chilled and hooked them up!!! We poured the first glass just last weekend!!! And yes, I even had a small glass - so yummy!!! Can't wait until I can enjoy more frequently again :)
We also have finally decided on, ordered, received, and set-up the crib for little Haden (plus bought many of our nursery details). I will share photos of these all very soon!!!
Side note - both of us received A's in our Grad School Classes this semester!!! We worked hard but are both glad they are over and we get a bit of a break until January :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Halloween weekend was spent in Minneapolis visiting the Mall of America. It was our yearly girls weekend (which has focused around shopping for the past 4 years) and I have now crossed this place off my bucket list!!! We couldn't stop laughing when we realized that Lauren was the 'Guest of the Day' at our hotel when we checked in. We were hoping for a room upgrade or a free night, we got a bag of candy :)
It's crazy to see a bunch of roller coasters INSIDE a building. The mall is huge but you don't really get the feel of the size of the place until you step into the middle area (here) and look up.

While we probably shouldn't have spent as much as we did, we definately had a ton of fun shopping around at all those stores!!! Here is our collective 'loot' from the shopping spree :)

It was a fabulously fun weekend and I'm so glad we all went!!! Can't wait to discover where next year's girls weekend will be!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween and Bump 20

Okay, so I know Halloween is still a few days away but wanted to let you all know that my little 'pumpkin' wishes you all a very Happy and Safe Halloween Weekend!!! I know it's a little fuzzy but that's what happens when you have to prop a camera on a cup to take a picture of yourself, haha.
Oh, and we wanted to share the 20 week belly bump picture :) Here's to hoping I now look pregnant to other people and not like I've got a beer gut!!!

Haden's first gift!

Thanks Auntie Rory for Haden's first gift!!! We all know he will love it and we will all be thankful he has it!!!
We loved getting to see you the other weekend. Joe and Dagny too!!! Seeing Dagny and Bennett together was too cute!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

20 Weeks...

We're 1/2 way there - March 10 is getting closer and closer.

The baby is about 10 inches long (according to thebump), about the size of a banana.

We've decided on a nursery theme and I'm quite excited about it! When I found out that our little banana was a BOY I couldn't keep myself from buying a few things for my 'son' (it feels really cool just to say that). They will fit in with the theme perfectly! I can't wait to get started on the whole nursery (anybody volunteering to make me a bed skirt and bumper???) and paint a bit on the walls. Everybody loves MICKEY MOUSE :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

8 to 18 weeks...

From a raspberry at 8 weeks to a bell pepper at 18 weeks...growing and growing :)

100th Post!!! DISNEYLAND

The beginning of September was spent in sunny California visiting Disneyland for the 1st time!!! We greatly enjoyed getting to see the 'original' as well as meet Dave Smith, the creator and chief archivist of the Disney Company Archives. Of course, getting to spend some time with Kelly and Josh was spectacular too!!!

No, we didn't ride the teacups - just had to take a photo for my Mom, owner of The Pineapple Tea Room!Taking a rest with Minnie and Roy Disney!
I just HAD to get some of this bread!!! Scott obviously didn't think it was as cool as I did. Oh well - it sure was yummy :)
Signature picture from Disneyland!!! Outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle. To quote Scott, "That's it???" Yep, quite tiny compared the Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom.
Kelly and I taking a quick photo-op with Mickey!!! What a great guy!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I've got a Lemon in my belly...

I'm going to take pictures every two weeks...

12 weeks which you all saw last time :) And now, 14 weeks.
I read the baby was the size of a lemon by now...I feel everything starting to stretch out and make way for a growing baby.
Not too much has changed but the belly is looking a little 'rounder.'

The past two days I've come home and passed out - soooo tired. I wake up 30-45 minutes later feeling like I could have slept through the night...

Monday, August 30, 2010

We were a little shy today...

So, we really didn't want to show off our pretty face today...kept his/her hand up the whole least during the 4D shots. Here is the little alien shot, but I think it's pretty neat how you can see the two parts of the brain (I think), sort of make out where the eyes are, and see the arms...still up around his/her face.
I'm helplessly in love though!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Belly Shots...

So it's not a huge difference yet but I'm starting to pop a little, friends say I'm carrying high and predict a girl...Scott swears it's a boy (as does much of my family)...time will tell :)

8 week belly shot... 12 week belly shot...

Michigan Room Renovation!!!!

So, we have officially re-done EVERY floor in our house since moving here in March 2007. Here is the most recent and last floor to be done. Scott Yakola came over last Sunday to help put them in! Sorry for the fuzzy blobs in the picture, I guess I need to clean my camera.

But...we think it looks great and officially sets this room apart!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I won! I won!

So....a few weeks ago my Aunt Judy was hosting a giveaway on her blog. I made a comment and a few days later she emails me letting me know I just won a $40 gift certificate to CNS Stores online.
I browsed the website for a while and then decided that although it was still early in my pregnancy (and since there was really nothing I needed) I would go ahead and get a diaper bag. It's nothing very pricey or flashy but I like it! It will serve its purpose, appears pretty sturdy, and...bonus after getting it in the mail...already has stroller clips!!! :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I've got a Secret to Share...

9 weeks and counting. Just under an inch long. Can you see the 'big' head at the top (you might be able to see the profile of the face) and little legs at the bottom!?!?!

Charleston, SC

We just got back from 4 days in the lovely city of Charleston, SC. We walked ALL over the place and saw some pretty cool sights. Plus, we learned about a lot of history (a Scott Moore must)!

Here we are in front of a statue of George Washington in a park.
Ft. Sumter, where the Confederate Soldiers first fired upon Union Soldiers to begin the Civil War.

Middleton Plantation, built by Henry Middleton whose son, Arthur Middleton was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Then, years later, Arthur's grandson Williams Middleton signed South Carolina's Ordinance of Secession.
While driving home from Charleston, Scott suddenly saw a sign for the Andrew Jackson State Park (Jackson is by far Scott's favorite President) and decided to make a detour. We explored the area and visited the museum. While in the museum Scott picked up a pamphlet for the birthplace of James K. Polk.
Off we were to see where the 11th president and a follower of Andrew Jackson's beliefs was born in North Carolina. Boy does Scott LOVE his American History.
We had a wonderful time and can't wait to visit again soon :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Crafts!!!

As I've had some free time on my hands lately (actually, I should be doing some reading/work for my grad classes (; ) I've gotten a little crafty.
I've become addicted to a couple blogs, Prudent Baby and Made to name a few....

Here are some headband covers from MmmCrafts I made, see how they just slide over the cheapy, thin ones that DO NOT cause pain!!! A few reversable placemats, I just LOVE the ric rac borders!!! Plus, they are saving my grandmothers kitchen table from nasty water rings!!!

And, a clock. I loved the theme that was shown on the blog so much that I just copied it!!! Now I just have to decide where to hang it!!!

There are a few more project I've been working on too, some that flopped and some that haven't. I don't have photos of everything yet but hope to craft some more this summer and show off my 'sewing-in-progress' skills!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 Reasons to Celebrate

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to one pretty cool man!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to one pretty awesome dude!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hi, my name is Reagan. I take first place in shedding. Here is what Jill brushed off of me in less than 10 minutes today. I feel better but there is still tons left on me. She will have to try again tomorrow. Isn't this crazy!?!?!?!?! By the way, that little purple brush (Kong: Zoom Groom) is the best thing ever!!!

Michigan Reception

This past weekend was Kelly and Josh's Michigan Reception. Alle did a VERY good job saying the Pledge of Allegiance for everyone and, well, Holden did OK with the blessing. Here are the cakes for the evening...and the unlit unity candle. :)

All the ladies!!! We never did take a group photo...