Friday, July 24, 2009

Paint, Paint, and more Paint!!!

Although we are not working, busy bees we have definitely been. Our diplomas from Elon have finally made it to a wall along with Scott's SAR certificate. Also, notice the new color of the walls in "Ben's Room" - henceforth to be known as 'my' room. It's a very, very light shade of blue.
And now for 'Scott's Room' - slight makeover with paint only being added to the bottom half of the room. Official 'Michigan Blue' from Home Depot was added and while we put up a sample of 'Michigan Yellow' it was decided that we might go blind having something that bright on our walls. A promise was made that when he has a man-cave in a basement I'll be happy to let him put up as much Maize as he sees fit!!! Oh, we also added the chair rail - I'd say its fabulous!!!!
Now for my favorite renovation...the guest bathroom. Painted the same blue as the guest room and all white accents added - I love it!!!! Say goodbye to the suns and moons!!!

And finally, while the guest room did stay the same color, a fresh coat was applied and some touch-ups completed!!! I feel like I have a whole new house!!!

Scott continues to work on getting all the trim painted in the house - it's been a long process and someday it will be done. I hate painting the trim so I can't complain that it's taking forever - I'm satisfied with this as they are now and let's just say I will be overjoyed when it's all done!!!

Plethora of Craftiness

Since Reagan's new bed, I've been trying to keep myself busy with various sewing projects. Below you can see the new curtain I made for "Ben's Room." Maybe I shouldn't have started my sewing adventures with a roman shade but for a first attempt I'm satisfied. I just have to make the other one now... I got tired of just using a flat sheet as a bed skirt for our guest bed so I decided to take that same sheet and turn it into an actual bed skirt. This one I was quite proud of...okay, so there are some uneven parts. I'm okay with that - imperfection can be beautiful, right?!?
To match the new curtains I made, I wanted a few throw pillows for the couch in that room. Voila! Then I added my favorite personal touch - a monogram :)

And finally (for now), Towa so graciously gave me the bridesmaid's dress she wore in my wedding so I could turn it into a teddy bear to remember our day with. I've done this for some of the brides I was a 'maid for (Rory - I know - making yours has been on my to-do list for years) and decided to make one for myself too. Wanted to incorporate the sash that was on the dress but I'm not so sure the "belly-band" look was quite the right way to will sit there though until I dream up a better look.

The final piece of the bear is to monogram one foot and put the wedding date on the other!!! I'd say I'm quite proud of this little guy!!!

Year Old Wedding Cake

Well, we finally cut into the top tier of our wedding cake. Surprisingly it was actually still pretty yummy -however, the icing did taste frost bitten.

The next day Scott was sick with a stomach bug...he thought it was the cake - I was fine :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Craft Project #1 of the summer

Now that our roommate has officially "flown the coop" so to speak...I have turned his room into 'my room'. Yes, our house has officially become a 'Your's, Mine, and Ours' house :) first project was a new dog bed for Reagan out of some cool U of M fleece fabric I actually found down here in NC!!! I think she loves it just about as much as I loved making it!!! Hopefully curtains are next on my craft list!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Rory's Baby Shower

Towa and I took a trip up north as a surprise for Rory's baby shower...first we visited Vycki in Baltimore!!! We loved heading out to Federal Hill, wow what a view.

Then we got to party it up with many of Rory's friends and family while she opened up all here baby girl goodies.

We stayed with Rory and Joe that night and got to try out all the new toys and baby equiptment. I tested out the Baby Bjorn on their dog Sully - it worked great!!!!

The Hermitage, TN

Taking a bit of a vacation, Scott and I headed out to see my grandmother in Tennessee. We had a great time and were able to go visit the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home. Below are some of my favorite pictures.

After Tennessee, we headed to Hobart for a night to see my grandparents and then down to Indianapolis for Scott's family reunion. I accidently left my camera in TN so I don't have any pictures of the fun times afterwards.

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

So, for our first anniversary I purchased a gift card online and printed it at home (onto 'paper') for With it Scott chose exactly what I thought he would and we now have Washington Crossing the Delaware hanging above our mantle - I absolutely love it and I think he's pretty proud of it too! ;)
However, Scott did not know about the whole 'paper anniversary' idea (I think this worked to my advantage though). My gift from my hubby was a beautiful pearl ring which I've been wanting for a long time!! I love him!!!!