Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

The Golden Birthday!!!
Happy 28th on the 28th!!!
It's Reagan's Birthday too!!!

So...Sunday was a fun filled day. Started out with Scott's flag football game. They won and their record is now 2-2. Final game this Saturday with Playoffs starting Sunday.
My parents came over for dinner to celebrate Scott's Birthday. We had marinated steaks and veggie kabobs. Yum! Momma made Scott's favorite, brownies, in a very cute pan she found at Williams-Sanoma. Didn't have any candles around the house so I grabbed one out of a candlestick...hey - when without, improvise :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

To finish our trip...

Now that all the clothes are put away and the house is clean again...I can write about the rest of our Hilton Head Island adventure...

We went to Savannah, GA on Monday...really interesting. Took a trolley tour of the city and we learned tons which for the history buff and his wife was perfect - I think Towa was actually a little interested too. Below you can see some photos of a very brightly painted house which I just found interesting, Rainbow Row with the different colored houses and shutters and Scott and I on the trolley.

As the week went on we golfed, laid out in the sun, had dinner at the Salty Dog Cafe, and had a wonderful time!!! I can truly say this was a very relaxing and refreshing spring break. I feel energized and ready to make the final 8 week push to the end of the school year...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Purchase :)

So...found out the local outlets had a Crocs Outlet store. Had to go! And what did I find...Crocs Golf Shoes. Aren't they fabulous!!! Now I must go play!

My first Easter Dinner!

That I've cooked myself that is...
We had ham, baked potatoes, green bean casserole (for Scott), and deviled eggs. The ham was delicious but we have TONS left over. Ham omelets are on the agenda for breakfast this week. Must say though, Towa and I felt quite proud of ourselves for actually pulling this off. Nothing fancy but a good time with good friends!
Couldn't get a picture of Scott and I...took him a while to actually come to the table - the end of the Masters was too intense. We will have more pictures together later.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Vacationing in Hilton Head Island, SC...thanks to Nana and Papa Moore.

Staying at Marriott's Surf Watch Resort. This place is amazing. Below you can see our view and what our place looks like. It's a 3 bed/3 bath place and couldn't be nicer. I've also included a picture of our shower - Scott says we've got to get jets like these in our next house.

This was my dinner last night...chicken and shrimp plus a bunch of other stuff served in a pineapple...I knew my mother would appreciate a photo of this one!!!
As for today, we all went to church this morning came home and had lunch. We decided today would be a good beach day - ventured all the way out there and it was too windy and cold. There are 3 pools here so we wondered up to the middle one and swam, hot tubbed, and laid out for a while. Winds were still pretty strong when we got out so we came up to the indoor pool with outdoor chairs. Fell asleep for a bit, hoping both of us got some much needed sun. Scott Teague commented that Scott Moore was reflecting too much sun to actually absorb any...he's really pasty white.