Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Vacationing in Hilton Head Island, SC...thanks to Nana and Papa Moore.

Staying at Marriott's Surf Watch Resort. This place is amazing. Below you can see our view and what our place looks like. It's a 3 bed/3 bath place and couldn't be nicer. I've also included a picture of our shower - Scott says we've got to get jets like these in our next house.

This was my dinner last night...chicken and shrimp plus a bunch of other stuff served in a pineapple...I knew my mother would appreciate a photo of this one!!!
As for today, we all went to church this morning came home and had lunch. We decided today would be a good beach day - ventured all the way out there and it was too windy and cold. There are 3 pools here so we wondered up to the middle one and swam, hot tubbed, and laid out for a while. Winds were still pretty strong when we got out so we came up to the indoor pool with outdoor chairs. Fell asleep for a bit, hoping both of us got some much needed sun. Scott Teague commented that Scott Moore was reflecting too much sun to actually absorb any...he's really pasty white.


  1. Happy Easter Jill and Scott! Looks like you are going to have a great time!! What was in your pineapple? It looked yummy :)

  2. Happy Easter Jill and Scott. What a great time you both must be having:) Everything looks so fun. Have a great time.