Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turning 30...

I don't actually feel any older but yes, today I leave my 20s behind. I feel like I'm embarking into the "living my life" portion of my trip here on Earth. I mean, my 20s were spent creating my I've got to go live it!! At 22 I graduated college and started my 26 I walked down the isle and started my 29 my son was born and we started a family. Now is the time for me to embrace these gifts and enjoy them! I am happy with my life and am eager and excited about all that is still to come! Ready or Not I am! And I plan on sticking around for about 10 years...maybe more ;-)
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8 months old!

First of all - this kid NEVER stops moving!!!  He is in constant motion!!!  I'm really in for it whenever he learns to walk, which isn't too far away.  Just yesterday he decided to hold on to things with only 1 hand after pulling up to standing.  He is just a ball of energy and I love him too much!!! 

8 months...I can't believe it!!
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