Friday, December 17, 2010 promised

Here are the last few pictures I was waiting on (I had emailed them to myself and was waiting on their 'arrival')...
Crazy Hat day at School!!! One student asked, "Does someone in your family work for Disney? I'm thinking that's why you have so much Mickey Mouse stuff??" Pretty smart kid, huh!?!
First beer from the tap...a little foamy - we somewhat over carbonated. Hey, it's a work in progress - getting all the kinks out and learning the ropes :)
And...the far. Well, the crib at least!

What in the world have I been up to???

Dear Blogging World, I sincerely apologize for my lack of posts. I know I've been bad lately at updating...there has just been so much going on. Plus, it doesn't help that I'm just tired these days. Let me update you on what been happening in our world...

I turned 29 this year. Came downstairs the morning of my birthday to find these beautiful flowers from Scott sitting on the kitchen island!!! Plus, I got a smartphone for my birthday which has been keeping me busy (unfortunately I haven't figured out how to upload pictures to this site yet - another reason for lack of posts). Went in for a bonus ultrasound at 24 weeks (he was curled in such a tight little ball at 20 weeks that they couldn't get all the measurements necessary so I got to come back!). Mom came with me!!! We got to see him open his mouth and practice swallowing - it was so cool!!!
Plus, I'm getting bigger and's amazing how my body just does this on it's own. All of a sudden - pop - there's a big belly. And I know it will only get bigger. Here I am at 25 weeks (apparently measuring 2 weeks ahead though). Now I'm at 28 weeks (welcome 3rd trimester) and hoping to take some more current photos over the holidays :)

At school we celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday by making these adorable little Oreo Turkey's!!! The kids love them every year and can't wait to finish creating so they can 'gobble' them up!!!!

More recently we've been getting everything ready for Christmas (as of today I only have 2 more things to buy AND I know what they are!!!). Here is our little house all decorated for the holidays!!! Since this picture was taken I've rearranged the sidewalk lights to be in front of the bushes and Santa. Also, Santa's stand broke and we are waiting on Scott to 'rig' it back up!!!

One night I had a burst of energy (and about 20 minutes to spare) with which I created our little 'beer tree'. Many of you know my husband is an up and coming beer brewer!!! Over the past year I've been collecting beer caps off some of the ones he still purchases. The lights kind-of make it hard to see but I hot glued these beer caps all over the little tree. This is now part of our kitchen decorations!!!

Lastly, we've finally tapped our first keg at the house. Scott has installed the taps to one (yes we have 2) of our outdoor refrigerators, brewed the beer and put in kegs, carbonated, chilled and hooked them up!!! We poured the first glass just last weekend!!! And yes, I even had a small glass - so yummy!!! Can't wait until I can enjoy more frequently again :)
We also have finally decided on, ordered, received, and set-up the crib for little Haden (plus bought many of our nursery details). I will share photos of these all very soon!!!
Side note - both of us received A's in our Grad School Classes this semester!!! We worked hard but are both glad they are over and we get a bit of a break until January :)