Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Best Aunt and Uncle EVER!!!

Well, I guess we do get trumped by ones that can take them to Disney World any day of the week but we still enjoy taking these two where we can!!! The day before we started workdays, Scott and I took Alle and Holden to the Zoo. We had a great time and think the kids loved it too! I guess Alle told Holden the night before we went that they would be going to see animals "but they weren't real." Amy said they were and Alle replied, "Not the ones you take pictures with." I.E. the photo below!
Scott, Alle, and Holden cheesing it up on the Tram...or "Bus" for Holden!!! He is obsessed with buses...and that puts it mildly.Spider Monkey Alle climbing the web in the Zoo Playground.Holden and Scott checking out the polar bear cave!Alle and Holden are 'hatching' out of these eggs...Alle was so excited for this part of the trip. She remembers 'hatching' two years ago when we took just her. We weren't even on the highway yet for the return trip when both zonked out!!! I think this means they had fun!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Say a Prayer

Grandma (Mana) has made it out of surgery today successfully however her recovery isn't going so swell. Do me a favor...send up a prayer for me...for her!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Viewers Beware

Scott had to have two teeth pulled today...back two on each top side. Apparently he had two too many teeth up there. Well, what was supposed to be simple ended up a big of an ordeal...

His left tooth (lower one is photo) took over 1.5 hours to get out. It was only supposed to be an hour for both teeth. Apparently the tooth has some bone attached to it as well. He's in a bit of pain but the pain meds seems to be working okay so far... We'll see how the morning goes :)

Greenfield Village

On our last day in Michigan, we all took a trip up to Greenfield Village and had a great time!!! Below are some fun shots from our day...kid focused of course :)

And, here are our little Hobo's. At "A Taste of History" dining hall the kids chose Hobo Lunches. Sandwiches, applesauce, string cheese and raisins served Hobo style in bandannas tied to sticks. They thought it was the best! We thought it was darn cute!!!

We had a fabulous time while in Michigan, we always do!!! Can't wait to go back in a month for the Michigan - Notre Dame game!!! GO BLUE

Garrett's Wedding

On August 8th, we went to Garrett and Lindsey's wedding. Scott was an usher. Sadly enough, I was not too quick with the camera and the best picture I had of bride and groom can be seen below... As part of the wedding party, Scott had to pass out the wedding cake to all the guests...I laughed at him :) (is that mean?!?!) we are!

Tigers Game!!!

While in Michigan over the past week, Scott and I went to a Detroit Tigers game with his good friend Tyler! We had a great time!!! Go Tigers! Here we are outside the stadium with "the tiger." Oh, and the Tigers beat Baltimore 4-2.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Well...her birthday is actually on the 5th but we celebrated last Friday night. We were jointly having a Yard Sale on Saturday so Dad spent the night but they both came out for dinner. Yum Yum!!! We had crab legs and peel-n-eat shrimp!!! So delicious! Then there were cute cupcakes I made on the Cupcake Tree for dessert!