Monday, February 22, 2010

Las Vegas!!!

While I didn't win big...I did have fun and didn't lose much at all ($18). Found a favorite slot machine that I will now be searching for whenever I'm around slots...thank you Kelly!!! Here we all are (minus Ali - she was the photographer) outside the Bellagio. What a lovely crowd to be walking the Strip!!!

In true "Moore" fashion, Margaritas were a must!!! Amy and I enjoyed a giant one here...and later Kelly and I enjoyed another giant one out of a "Eiffel Tower" cup!!! Of course, we shared ;)

It was so great going with family!!! We had a blast and made some memories!!! Also, we celebrated the Bachelorette, Kelly!!! Can't wait for the Wedding in April!!!

I wonder if she'll wear this veil???

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Death of a Snowman

Snowman 2/1/10...
Snowman 2/14/10... Mr. Snowman held up for quite a while but alas...he succumbed to Mr. Wind and Mr. Sun. I'm afraid there will be nothing left of him by tomorrow.

Towa's Baby Shower

On Wednesday Towa had her baby shower at school. Well, the event was a hit and everyone had a great time.
Here you can see our table spread.Towa loved opening all her goodies for Bennett. I gathered about 30 of the staff to go in together and get her travel system and Boppy. Here is the assembled set (the box was too big to wrap so I just put the whole thing together) along with a big bow which will double for her mailbox when Bennett arrives!And since I couldn't wrap it, I decided to decorate it instead. We needed something to hold Bennett's place until he arrives so, voila - Diaper Baby. And yes, his body is stuffed with diapers too.

Cheesy - TOTALLY! But admit it - your smiling at him!

Monday, February 08, 2010

100th Day of School!!!

Woo Hoo...survived 100 days!!! Only 80 to go!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Replacement

Every morning, about 30 minutes before I wake up, Reagan gets up. She will start pacing and sitting by my side of the bed (however, she sleeps by the other side). Her head will occasionally find a hand of mine which has fallen out from under the covers. You might be thinking, "She needs to go potty!" NOT...
she just wants me to get OUT OF BED, so she can take my place. Yes folks, that is her head on my pillow and she lays there like a human all stretched out (not in a ball like when she is on her bed). This happens every morning...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Snow 2010

Snowball fight...check! Eat a little snow (or a lot)...check! Sledding with Aunt Jill...check!
Uncle Scott too...double check!
Build a snowman...check!

Now that I have accomplished all my snow dreams for this year...the snow can go away now so I don't have to make up any more school days!!!