Sunday, February 14, 2010

Towa's Baby Shower

On Wednesday Towa had her baby shower at school. Well, the event was a hit and everyone had a great time.
Here you can see our table spread.Towa loved opening all her goodies for Bennett. I gathered about 30 of the staff to go in together and get her travel system and Boppy. Here is the assembled set (the box was too big to wrap so I just put the whole thing together) along with a big bow which will double for her mailbox when Bennett arrives!And since I couldn't wrap it, I decided to decorate it instead. We needed something to hold Bennett's place until he arrives so, voila - Diaper Baby. And yes, his body is stuffed with diapers too.

Cheesy - TOTALLY! But admit it - your smiling at him!


  1. What a great job you did! I know that Towa and Scott are very thankful. I just love the diaper baby!!!! - Dayna

  2. Jill Diaper baby is soo cute! You are so very clever:)