Friday, July 24, 2009

Paint, Paint, and more Paint!!!

Although we are not working, busy bees we have definitely been. Our diplomas from Elon have finally made it to a wall along with Scott's SAR certificate. Also, notice the new color of the walls in "Ben's Room" - henceforth to be known as 'my' room. It's a very, very light shade of blue.
And now for 'Scott's Room' - slight makeover with paint only being added to the bottom half of the room. Official 'Michigan Blue' from Home Depot was added and while we put up a sample of 'Michigan Yellow' it was decided that we might go blind having something that bright on our walls. A promise was made that when he has a man-cave in a basement I'll be happy to let him put up as much Maize as he sees fit!!! Oh, we also added the chair rail - I'd say its fabulous!!!!
Now for my favorite renovation...the guest bathroom. Painted the same blue as the guest room and all white accents added - I love it!!!! Say goodbye to the suns and moons!!!

And finally, while the guest room did stay the same color, a fresh coat was applied and some touch-ups completed!!! I feel like I have a whole new house!!!

Scott continues to work on getting all the trim painted in the house - it's been a long process and someday it will be done. I hate painting the trim so I can't complain that it's taking forever - I'm satisfied with this as they are now and let's just say I will be overjoyed when it's all done!!!

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  1. Everything looks so good.... both of you should be very proud!!