Friday, July 24, 2009

Plethora of Craftiness

Since Reagan's new bed, I've been trying to keep myself busy with various sewing projects. Below you can see the new curtain I made for "Ben's Room." Maybe I shouldn't have started my sewing adventures with a roman shade but for a first attempt I'm satisfied. I just have to make the other one now... I got tired of just using a flat sheet as a bed skirt for our guest bed so I decided to take that same sheet and turn it into an actual bed skirt. This one I was quite proud of...okay, so there are some uneven parts. I'm okay with that - imperfection can be beautiful, right?!?
To match the new curtains I made, I wanted a few throw pillows for the couch in that room. Voila! Then I added my favorite personal touch - a monogram :)

And finally (for now), Towa so graciously gave me the bridesmaid's dress she wore in my wedding so I could turn it into a teddy bear to remember our day with. I've done this for some of the brides I was a 'maid for (Rory - I know - making yours has been on my to-do list for years) and decided to make one for myself too. Wanted to incorporate the sash that was on the dress but I'm not so sure the "belly-band" look was quite the right way to will sit there though until I dream up a better look.

The final piece of the bear is to monogram one foot and put the wedding date on the other!!! I'd say I'm quite proud of this little guy!!!


  1. I am sooo proud of you!! Great job on all the projects, can't wait to see them!!

  2. Wow Jill...............we have a real talent! I love the monogram. Beautiful job:)