Sunday, November 07, 2010


Halloween weekend was spent in Minneapolis visiting the Mall of America. It was our yearly girls weekend (which has focused around shopping for the past 4 years) and I have now crossed this place off my bucket list!!! We couldn't stop laughing when we realized that Lauren was the 'Guest of the Day' at our hotel when we checked in. We were hoping for a room upgrade or a free night, we got a bag of candy :)
It's crazy to see a bunch of roller coasters INSIDE a building. The mall is huge but you don't really get the feel of the size of the place until you step into the middle area (here) and look up.

While we probably shouldn't have spent as much as we did, we definately had a ton of fun shopping around at all those stores!!! Here is our collective 'loot' from the shopping spree :)

It was a fabulously fun weekend and I'm so glad we all went!!! Can't wait to discover where next year's girls weekend will be!!!

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