Saturday, January 31, 2009

:-o 9 year olds kissing :-o

Well, I guess I've dealt with about it all now (probably shouldn't say that - something worse will come along).
About two minutes before the final bell of the day, a fellow teacher (speech -so she had no students at the time) comes to me to inform me that two of my students (boy and girl) were caught kissing in the bathroom. And these two, I would have never guessed these two...some of my others, maybe...this one shocked me!
Apparently the little boy turned the corner, beat red faced and shaking his head. Three other boys were close behind ready to inform Mrs. May about what they had just witnessed. Little girl was the last to arrive on the scene ready to deny everything. Well, informants were dismissed and the little girl sent back to class (as Mrs. May put it, she was going to take some time to break down to honest). The boy was left to discuss matters with Mrs. May. He was devastated and felt so terrible. He was unaware this was not allowed and he could get into serious trouble.
Parents were called (we have yet to reach the little girls parent) and after a conversation with the little boys dad, he commented to me on how shy his son was and he was shocked his kid had the nerve to do such a thing. He said he had asked his son, "Did she want you to kiss her or did you just go for it?"

This was just too funny to me. I'm shocked though that my students are kissing - I TEACH 4th GRADE!!!

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  1. Wow they are getting more "mature" every year! I'm glad I moved down to Kindergarten. We don't have to deal with that too often.