Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Family Math

Thought I'd share a bit of the math my students have for homework tonight...

Recognize any names?

1. Holden had 3 toy cars, 4 toy trucks, and 3 toy airplanes. He let his friend, Scott, have 1/5 of the toy vehicles. To his little brother John, he gave 3/10 of his original collection to play with for the afternoon. How many toy vehicles does Holden have left?

2. Jerry folded 3/8 of the shirts on the laundry pile. Kendra folded 1/8 of the shirts on the laundry pile. Together did they fold more than half of the shirts on the pile?

3. 1. On vacation, the Moore family likes to go swimming in the lake. One day, Jill swam for 1 2/5 hours, Scott swam for 1 4/5 hours, Amy swam for 2 2/5 hours, and Kelly swam for a full 3 hours.
How long did Jill and Amy swim altogether?
How much longer did Amy swim than Scott?
How much longer did Kelly swim than Scott?
Did Jill and Scott combined swim longer than Kelly did? Justify your answer.

I love doing this. Sometimes I'll use the students names (and they LOVE that), sometimes it's the dog's (Bromley has even shown up once or twice), and sometimes it's 4 girls and they become my mom and her sisters.

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