Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A first 'real' haircut!

Back in May we (well, I) were procrastinating on getting Haden's hair cut.  Weekend after weekend we said, "This is it - haircut THIS weekend."  Each weekend something happened and there was no haircut.  His hair was ridiculous and was beyond the cute baby hair stage.  Well, I decided to just cut it myself so into the tub he went and the butchering began.  And a butcher's job it was - uneven but trimmed up - it would do for now.
Hot mess hair getting ready to go back to get his hair cut!

Well, by July it was finally nearing the 'must cut' stage again.  Decided one morning we are going TODAY.  There are none of those cute little shops for kids with the airplane and race car seats..bummer.  But we do have a little sports barber shop which is geared towards children.  Haden was very nervous and not so sure what was going on.  But, the cartoons were turned on, Scott sat with Haden on his lap, and away the hairdresser went...chopping off all my little boys baby hair. 

Eventually, Haden got a little squirmy.  Safety Pop from Easter egg hunting to the rescue!!! (I'll have to write a post about Easter soon - he looked darn cute that day!)

What is this knock-off Toy Story mess on me...I know Disney and this ain't it...

The TV is AWESOME!!!

Almost finished...

Alright, Mom, enough pictures already.

And by the end I no longer had a baby boy.  Now I officially am beginning to see the little boy he will soon be.  And boy is he cute!!!

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