Saturday, January 07, 2012

Swim Lessons at the Y

Today Haden took his first swim lesson.  It was the beginning of 6 weeks of lessons.  He is the only boy there with two other girls!!!  I think he is the youngest too. 
This kid sure does love the water.  He immediately started splashing!
 He wanted to eat the firetruck bath toy!!!  He loved all the cars, duckies, and fishies!!!
This is Haden with his instructor, Patsy (I think).  He had no problem being the demonstration baby!!!
 When we put them on their bellies, Haden would kick and wave his arms - he is quite the little fish.  He also kept voluntarily putting his face in the water...slow down kid, that's another lesson!
 The red ball was a favorite too!!!  The kids kept passing it back and forth.  When it was Haden's turn he just had to check and see if it was tasty each time. 
 While I can't say this is my best picture of either of us individually - I'm happy with it as a photo of us (there aren't too many)!  I'm so going to enjoy taking these lessons with him!!!  And am grateful that Scott came to the first one and was a great photographer (usually a hater of photos)!
 He is so fun!!!  I just love this boy - he loves everything!!!
I guess he inherited my love of the water - it will be fun to see if he continues to be the little fish I always was!!!

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  1. Great pictures of both of you! Such a happy baby he is! Looks like you both a fun! Kisses for Haden:)