Sunday, December 04, 2011

ACC Mascot Time!!!

Had a great time at the ACC Football Championship Game.  Haden enjoyed his first big time game as well!!!  We loved hearing Dierks Bently and love the connections we have (aka: Aunt Amy) who get up VIP close-up seating.  Surprisingly, Haden slept through the whole concert even though it was loud and we were close.  Haden also got to enjoy the box seats we were lucky enough to get.  Nana, Papa, Holden and Alle enjoyed keeping him busy and Haden eventually fell asleep on Papa.  He is such a trooper and is a great baby!!!  Just goes with the flow!  Scott and I took him to bed at half time, watched the rest of the game on TV and crashed ourselves. 
Before the game we enjoyed FanFest as well and took many photo opportunities with the beloved mascots!!!  A few important ones are missing though...
 The Clemson Tiger
 Georgia Teck BUZZ
 UVA Cavalier
 BC Eagle
UVA Hokie

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