Thursday, August 04, 2011

This Mom Gig isn't Easy...

My son is perfect, and in my eyes he always will be. But, yesterday we went to see a plastic surgeon about Haden's 'flat head'. She said on a scale of 1 to 6, his flat head was a 6. He had it bad. Poor boy just loved to sleep looking straight up, I tried to turn his head this way or that since he was born. Every time I would go back in to check on him...his face was pointed straight up. So, as hard as I try to not feel like it's my fault (and I know it's not), I think any mother in my shoes would be wondering, like I am, "What did I do wrong?"

Anyway, Haden now has to wear this helmet. They say 4-6 months should correct his little head. We go back in 8 weeks to see how much progress has been made (and hopefully if he won't have to wear it as consistently - maybe just when he sleeps and when he is in his carseat). As much as I feel like this sucks...I know I have to hold fast to the knowledge that this is what is best for him. Be honest with yourself though, when you see a child like this out in public your first though is, "There must be something wrong with that child." It is what I always thought. Scott's Aunt Sara gave me good advice and reminded me that there is nothing wrong with my child, some mothers have to deal with much worse than this. My cup is 9/16ths full. I keep telling myself it's just like having braces...nothing is wrong, we just have to fix what isn't straight.

Today, however, it was a little hard. We took him out in 'public' for the first time (just to Big Lots, but still 'public'). The inevitable question we keep the helmet on him or take it off while in the store? We chose to keep it on. Scott tried to make me feel better by grabbing his plastic Tigers helmet so that they would both have one...I didn't let him wear it in the store. But it did make me smile and he is wonderful for trying!

So, when Haden wears his helmet...gone are the days of sweet smiles from onlookers and I bob my son around in the carrier...gone are the sweet comments on how beautiful and wonderful he is. Now we get quick glances while others avoid our eyes. They think something is wrong and feel sorry for us. I know I will get used to it but it still doesn't make it easy. I also know he will NEVER remember any of this and it's all me. Of course we will show him pictures (and probably poke fun at him) from this time in his life. It will soon be a distant memory and my son will have the 'perfect' little head he deserves!

I am trying to find the fun in the situation though too... see below :-)

And while he does have to wear a helmet, I think he definitely makes it look good!!! He is still my sweet, smiley, lovable little boy and that will never change. Scott wants to put 'wings' on his helmet like the Michigan football players have...Aunt Rory is making little Mickey's for me to put all over it. Of course I went with Mickey Mouse!!! If he has to wear this for a while and get the larger size (pray not) then we will decorate #2 with sports stuff!!!

So for now, my kid has a could be worse :-/

...and I pray it never is...


  1. I barely notice his helmet with those eyes and the huge smile! It's easy for me to tell you to ignore the gawkers (heck, people ask me who I'm babysitting for since Doodle is so blonde and doesn't look like me!), but hopefully you'll start running into Mom's and Grandma's who know to look past the hardware and see that gorgeous boy's smile! ;) Love you both! Thinking of you guys!

    The Mickey's will be to you tomorrow morning... and wings will be to you before he gets the new one if he needs it! ;)

  2. Your son is beautiful and wonderful. This will pass and you'll be wishing for the days when he was still small enough to fit in that little helmet.