Thursday, April 07, 2011

Haden's Birth Story

March 14th was my first day out of work. Yes, I worked up to, through, and past my due date - I'm a trooper! I spent the whole day cleaning, doing laundry, rubbing my soon to be gone belly, and sitting in Haden's room imagining what he would look like and how drastically our lives were about to change. We had steaks for dinner that night, to which Scott commented, "This feels like our last dinner." He was beginning to get nervous. We both went to bed that night talking about all that might/could/would happen the following day. We woke up early on March 15th. We had to be at the hospital around 6:15 to check in for our induction. We got ready, packed the last few things, loaded up the car and made sure everything was ready for Reagan. We were kinda quiet on the drive in, I think we were both starting to get really nervous and anxious. We arrived at the hospital and checked in, then we had to wait a little while for someone to be ready to take us to our delivery room. Apparently they had had a rush of women in labor within the past few hours and everyone was busy. Finally, we get to our room and Scott goes back for our bags while I get ready to 'get in bed' for the day. Soon I'm hooked up to my IV and Pitocin was started around 8:00am. Scott was getting very, very nervous by this point. I later found out he thought there would be chaos all day with nurses and doctors running in and out of the room (he's watched too much drama tv). Around 9:00 or so, my parents and his mom arrived. This calmed us both down. I still wasn't really feeling contractions and started to think this birth thing wouldn't be too bad :)We sat around and chatted most of the day. Eventually, yes I started to feel tightness in the upper part of my belly. We could see that I was having contractions on the monitor. Soon they got a lot more painful but I was doing okay. The guys went to go get lunch for everyone (except me of course). Then WOW did the contractions kick in - they weren't all too painful (but don't let me kid you, they did hurt) but they were coming so fast that I couldn't catch my breath or relax between them. Hadn't planned on getting an epidural but then it started sounding more and more like the right thing for me. Nurse came in to check on me and I asked about pain meds. We decided to go with the epidural. Soon after the guys got back I got my epidural. GOD MADE GREAT DRUGS!!! That's all that can really be said about that. I was amazed and impressed with how wonderful it really made me feel. The rest of the day went very smoothly. I progressed steadily and spent the day checking facebook and keeping friends and family updated. Finally the doctor was able to come at the end of the workday and checked me again, I was now at 10 cm. Time to get ready and push!!! I pushed for a little more than an hour. The hardest part about pushing was figuring out where to push since I couldn't feel ANYTHING. It was nice not feeling anything though! I kept hearing encouragement from Scott, the doctor, nurse and our moms. This helped me know when I was pushing the right way. Suddenly, I hear both of our mothers get up and start "Oh!!!"-ing and "Wow!!!" -ing, now I knew we were getting close to meeting our little boy!!! Next thing I know, he is out and the nurse says 8:13! Haden was placed on my chest and I finally met this little miracle I had been dreaming about and feeling move around for the past 10 months. Everyone crowded around but I really didn't even notice anyone but him and Scott. We were finally a family of 3!
Soon he was taken to be cleaned up and checked out. Both Grandmothers and Scott went to be with him on the other side of the room while the doctor finished up with me. She kept telling me how Haden totally had my nose!
My little man weighed in at 7 pounds 14 ounces. Not bad little man!!! He was measured to be 22 inches long - wow...long! That Friday at the Pediatricians office he was only 19.5 inches long (apparently they measured to his tip toes in the hospital...oops!)I'm not really sure Scott knew what to think...I do know he couldn't take his eyes off the little guy and just wanted to hang out with him!First time grandparents couldn't be prouder of their new grandson!!!Mommy ended her day just gazing at her son. It's amazing to now call myself a mom! Haden Holden Moore born March 15, 2011!

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