Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 3 Amigas become Mamas!

I've known these girls since 6th grade. Lauren, Erin and I have been friends for what feels like a wonderful forever. We've shared sports, secrets, the awkward years, the college years, a love for the Y, everything. We've lived through ups, downs, boyfriends, breakups, engagements, and weddings together. But who would have ever guessed that last summer we would all end up getting pregnant. It has been so much fun going through our pregnancies together and being able to share stories, highlights, difficult days, birth stories and now baby pictures!

I believe God wanted us to pass on our friendship to the next generation...


Haden Moore - March 15th

Ellie Grover - April 2nd

Davis Chappell - April 11th
Your Mommas love you all very much!
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  1. this post about made me cry. i love it! and we all look damn good for just giving birth! haha! :-)