Sunday, December 27, 2009

SeaWorld 12-27-09

Loved heading to SeaWorld on Sunday with Scott while the Basketball team went to Universal Studios!!!

I wanted to get a photo with the Clydesdale "Noel"...unfortunately my photographer [Scott] lacked the skills to include the animals' head :( We enjoyed the shows tremendously - here are the dolphins...did you know dolphins are just small whales???!!!
AAaahhhh....the crowning jewel...Killer Whales...
I loved these animals as a kid and love them more now...they are quite magnificent and awe inspiring. Scott was impressed with the size of Shamu!!!

While the basketball team finished 1-2 in their tournament, everyone had fun and learned a lot!


  1. Jill I remember when Shamu impressed you enough to want to be a marine bioligist!