Sunday, November 08, 2009

Donkey Basketball? Believe it!

That's right folks...donkey basketball is exactly what it sounds like. Saturday night Scott got to find out first hand what it is like to play basketball with a donkey. I don't think it is something he hopes to repeat either. HaHaHa...
Andrews High School (where Scott teaches) helped host the event. Competitors, other than donkeys, were teachers, firefighters, policemen, and sheriffs. The crowd was small but all seemed to enjoy themselves!
Here Scott is trying to sweet talk his stubborn donkey into going in the direction he wants it to go. He was fairly good at this part...however, his four legged teammate would not agree to carry him anywhere and players were not allowed to shoot for the basket unless on the back of these mini beasts. Needless to say, Scott made a lot of excellent passes however his team went scoreless in both games he was in.Scott quickly realized this tactic below was totally worthless. The harder everyone pulled on their donkeys the more stubborn the animal became, I must say though - it was quite an experience to witness the event.
Here is a 4.5 minute video of the first game Scott was in. It's quite interesting and hilarious at the same time. There is no traveling, no fouls, no nothing but the rule mentioned above in donkey basketball. Enjoy! I did!!!

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