Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shed is complete ... almost!!!

Well...our wonderful shed is now complete structurally. Scott Yakola came over this Saturday to help construct the doors. Don't they look great!!! Now all it needs is a "woman's touch" ... aka: paint and some plants, and maybe something to hand on the walls!!!

And then there is my oh so wimpy garden. Growing squash in the back, green peppers and cucumbers up front, lettuce to the right and tomatoes in the Topsy Turvy. So far it's going well. We are about to be overflowing with squash...I informed Scott we were about to be having a lot with our dinners soon.


  1. The shed looks great -- are you painting it white to match your house? I love your garden pots, they are look very healthy.

  2. Love the shed. Can't wait to see it painted. I think you have a green thumb. Your garden lookes wonderful. It will be fun to make different dishes using your own veggies.